Warehouse Associate Job

At this job, you will help move materials from trucks and within the warehouse, using specialized machines. 

No experience required. Only basic English needed. A great, friendly workplace at a trusted large company.

Pays $20 per hour before taxes — with health benefits and opportunities for promotion.

Based in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. We will provide transportation to and from the job.

About Us

We are a humanitarian organization with 501(c)(3) nonprofit registration in the United States (EIN 88-3464025), and NGO registration in Ukraine.

We began our work in the early days of the barbaric attack on Ukraine, and have resettled dozens of Ukrainians in the American state of Minnesota.

Our staff members are Misha (our Ukraine Director), Sofiia (our Minnesota Director), Yuliia and Nataliia (our team in Poland), and Aswar (aswar.us), founder, volunteer, and Executive Director of the American Service.