I-134 Filing FAQs


Do I need an USCIS account to file?
Yes, and it’s super easy to make one.
> Simply go to myaccount.uscis.gov
> Click “Create Account”
> Follow the instructions to create an account 

What do I put for “What is your relationship to the beneficiary?”
From the dropdown menu, select “Not Specified”

What do I put for “Do you intend to make specific contributions to the support of the beneficiary named in this Form I-134?”
In your own words, put something along the lines of “I may make contributions to the beneficiary in the future, depending on need and circumstance” 

But if you plan to make a specific contribution to ASIU to help this family specifically, you should write down that amount instead.

Remember: this is not a commitment to give anything to the beneficiary. This has been explicitly made clear by immigration courts.

Do I really have to list every person I’ve already submitted an I-134 for?
We don’t know if you have to, but you should, please!

Do I put anything for the A-number?

What do I put for “What is the person’s name?” and everything else? 
You should have all this biodata in the email we sent to you after you let us know that you are ready to file.

If you don’t have that email, please contact us again at hq@americanservice.in.ua and we’ll resend the information for the Ukrainians you are filing for.

IMPORTANT: What do I put for “What is the beneficiary’s anticipated period of stay in the United States?”
For “From,” put the 15th of the upcoming month, this year.
For “To,” put the 1st of the same month, but in 2024.
So if today is March 20th, put April 15, 2022, as the “from” and April 1, 2024, as the “to.” 

What do I put for the “means-tested” question?
Put “no.” None of our Ukrainian families’ incomes come from this.

Do I need a “bank office statement”?
Nope! Ignore the warning message, it’s a bit much.

Do I need an “employer statement”?
If you are employed, this is the best piece of evidence to include, so we say yes!

Do I need an “income tax return”?

Do I need to show “bonds”?

Do I need “proof of immigration status”?

Do I need “proof of assets…”?
If you’re retired, yes!
If you’re employed, then it certainly won’t hurt to include this, but it’s not required.

Do I need “proof of beneficiary’s assets”?

What does it mean when it says “agreeing to financially support the beneficiary?”
You may choose to do so, if you wish, but that’s not what you’re legally committing to here. From immigration courts to every lawyer who has written on this matter, this is a non-binding form.

What do I do after I hit “submit the I-134”?
Congratulations!! You’ve just made the life of an Ukrainian refugee family that much brighter, and gotten our country’s government to consider them for humanitarian immigration.

Now, simply send the receipt number (that’s listed in the USCIS dashboard for your account) to us at hq@americanservice.in.ua, so we can keep track of the paperwork from our office in Ukraine.

Thank you so much again. Please reach out to us if you need anything.