Here is how it all works for you.

STEP 1 > Make sure you meet our requirements

To qualify for our program you must be:
• an Ukrainian citizen
• an English speaker at level A2 or above
• willing to live and work in the United States for a minimum of two years

STEP 2 > Choose a job you want

We are regularly adding new jobs to our main page. See if there is one that would make you happy, and continue to Step 3.

STEP 3 > Submit an “introduction form”

The form asks you some basic questions. After you submit the form, we will contact you.

STEP 4 > Meet with us

Our team will send you an invitation to a conversation — we want learn more about you, your work background, and your goals for the future.

STEP 5 > Fill out our “enrollment documents”

We have a few forms and agreements that need to be signed to continue.
#1 — A general agreement that makes our roles and responsibilities clear.
#2 — An immigration form for the US government.
#3 — A job application that is sent to the company giving you a job.
#4 — A job commitment to spend at least 60 days with your first company.
#5 — A housing agreement for two months of discounted housing through our organization.

STEP 6 > Take our online preparation course

This course will cover everything from air travel to the basics of your new job to what to in case of emergency.

STEP 7 > Get your “travel authorization”

You will need to provide the US government some more information, and then you will get authorized to travel under the “Uniting for Ukraine” program.

STEP 8 > Get your plane ticket

We find you a plane ticket that works with our program.

STEP 9 > Arrive in America and get started!

Our organization will pick you up at the airport. You will receive two months of discounted, high-quality housing from us (estimated cost: $500 per person per month). You will start the job you chose, and spend at least six months there. (See our FAQs for why we require a six-month job commitment.)

STEP 10 > Build your life.

After two months of housing with us, you will be able to transition to the housing of your choice. (See our FAQs for how much independent housing can cost in Minnesota.) After you initial job commitment, you may choose to stay and grow with your company, or transition to another career path. You may also be able to bring more of your family members to America.

About Us

We are a humanitarian organization with 501(c)(3) nonprofit registration in the United States (EIN 88-3464025), and NGO registration in Ukraine.

We began our work in the early days of the barbaric attack on Ukraine, and have resettled dozens of Ukrainians in the American state of Minnesota.

Our staff members are Misha (our Ukraine Director), Sofiia (our Minnesota Director), Yuliia and Nataliia (our team in Poland), and Aswar (, founder, volunteer, and Executive Director of the American Service.