Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my earnings go to taxes?

About 20-25% of your salary goes to taxes and other government fees. The company pays those taxes for you, and subtracts from your paycheck.

Why do you require a job commitment?

Employing a person from a foreign country involves a lot of risk and investment for the companies we work with. Our organization also invests a lot of our time and energy to each and every person we help bring to America. If a person coming through our program doesn’t intend to work for a minimum time with their first company, the costs far outweigh the benefits for everyone involved. We also want to make sure that people who apply through our program actually want the job they are applying for. We don’t want people apply for jobs they don’t like, and then quitting shortly after arriving in the United States.

NOTE: If a job turns out to be unsafe or treating you without dignity, you can absolutely cancel this agreement with us.

How much does housing cost in Minnesota?

Housing costs in Minnesota vary by area, but in general, the average single bedroom apartment — meaning a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom — can cost around $1,300. Remember: your first two months of housing in America is provided through our organization, at a heavily discounted rate of $400-$500 per person per month, plus cost of some utilities (like electricity).

Who pays for my plane ticket?

In most cases, the cost of the plane ticket is your responsibility.

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