Chysta: Your First Job in America 

In May 2022, the American Service in Ukraine created “Chysta,” an employment and support program for displaced Ukrainians who want to live and work in America.

Job Requirements

Chysta is a cleaning company in the United States. We are hiring cleaners with a strong work ethic, whether or not they have experience.

We are currently only hiring women of working age for this job.

Chysta Cleaners will:
• Work with the company for a minimum of one year, and a maximum of two years
• Work in teams of two to clean multiple homes per day
• Work for up to 40 hours per week
• Maintain high standards and help grow the reputation of the Chysta service
• Be willing to receiving training, and English classes


Chysta pays a gross salary of US$35,000 (~1,035,000 UAH) for the first year, and $40,000 (~1,185,000 UAH) for the second year of employment.

There are expenses associated with the program that will be deducted from this total salary. Here is a estimated breakdown of costs for the first year:

1. State and Federal Taxes — $6,125 —  17.5%
2. Rent — $6,000 — 17.14%
3. Health Insurance — $600 — 1.71%
4. Food — $3,650 — 10.43%
5. Miscellaneous — $2,080 — 5.94%
6. Plane Ticket and Work Authorization — $2,250 — 6.43%

Your estimated savings for the first year can be up to or above $14,295 (~430,000 UAH). In the second year, you are given a bonus of $5,000, and may save up to or above $33,000 (~1,000,000 UAH) over two years.

NOTE: These numbers are only estimates, and may vary.

If you are bringing children or non-working family members, you can expect to spend around $4,550 per additional person for food, health insurance, additional rent, and miscellaneous expenses. The plane ticket to bring a child may cost up to an additional $1,000.


Chysta is more than just a job — it’s a range of services that will help you through the whole process of traveling to, living, and working in America.

We start by helping you go to America under the Uniting for Ukraine program, and pay in advance to get you your US work authorization. We secure you the necessary sponsors, and then pay for your airplane tickets to the United States. When you land, we greet you at the airport and help you get into a home or apartment we have verified and prepared for you. You are provided health care. We make sure any school-age children get enrolled into their classes right away, and begin to provide you training for the cleaning program. You do all your own shopping from your paychecks. We offer opportunities to learn English and take other classes for your own training and education.

We never send a person alone, whether on a job or during their journey into America. We always pair up at least two displaced Ukrainians, for safety and mutual support. We also ensure that Chysta employees are connected to the Ukrainian American community organizations in the area.

Chysta is a business, and our humanitarian principles are essential to our work. Our goal, from the beginning of your journey to the end of the one or two years you choose to spend with us, is to ensure your happiness and the well being of your family.

To Apply 

Contact the American Service in Ukraine via Telegram and let us know you are interested: